A lock on security: Devices to consider

August Smart Lock

There are a lot of people who are renting out homes and guest houses on AirBnB and with that comes security issues.

The August Smart Lock might be something to consider.

It allows you to track who comes and goes from your smartphone.

You can send guests, family or friends temporary keys through the August app. It will lock automatically and alert you that the door is closed and locked.

It’s easy to install, because it attaches to your deadbolt.

This is a great idea, especially if you are running an AirBnB.

Novi Security

As a rule, I’m usually wary of gadgets that have multipurposes. But in this case with the Novi Security device, I may change my mind.

Security monitors or cameras are often easy to spot but if it looks like a smoke detector, thieves may not think to look up.

The built-in HD camera is also a smoke detector, motion detector and 90-decibel siren.

So, if someone breaks into your place, you will receive photo notifications. If a fire breaks out, you’ll aslo get photo alerts.

The Novi Security system couldn’t be easier to install. There is a relay station that plugs into your modem. You just install the device as you would a smoke detector on your ceiling. Then, download the Novi app and set it.

It’s pretty easy, and I like the dual functions on this.

Haven Mech Lock

This is a truly unique solution to a problem.

The Haven Mech Lock installs at the base of your door. You push on the device and it pops up a barrier that will prevent anyone from breaking in while you are in your home, apartment or office.

What I like about this is that it’s super simple, super sturdy and would give anyone (especially a single woman living alone) peace of mind if this was installed on the doors.

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The video demo illustrates the tough barrier and difficulty that an intruder would have trying to get past this; in fact, they were not able to do so.

This is a novel approach to feeling safe while at home.

Vigilant Personal Alarm

For personal safety on the go, the Vigilant Personal Alarm might be a good thing to carry with you.

Walking in a dark parking lot at night can be scary, especially if you are alone.

The 130-decibel emergency panic alarm with up to an hour of continuous sound.

If you pull the rip cord activation, it will run continuously.

There is also a LED mini flashlight. The device runs on AAA batteries.

It’s simple, small and easy to use in case of an emergency.

Pulling the plug, could mean the difference in saving a life.