Apps to protect your house

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Do you know what’s going on at your house when you’re at work or while you’re sleeping?

Home security apps are giving people more flexibility to have eyes on their home 24-7.

Jason Longworth, a Smart Home Pro at Best Buy in Winston-Salem, says he has seen more customers interested in ways to protect their house using video doorbells, security cameras and smart locks that can be monitored and manipulated from a smartphone.

“Probably a 70 percent increase of traffic in just this area alone in the past two weeks,” Longworth said.

Police say the technology can be helpful as it has been useful in helping detectives work cases, but advise that if people invest in the technology, adults in the home should know how to use it effectively.

“Sometimes we’ll find where there’s only one person that knows how it operates or how to pull up the video that is saved,” said Lt. Curtis Cheeks III, with High Point police.

Police suggest putting these systems in places that capture multiple angles of your house and making sure the camera has night vision capabilities.

“The quality of the video or the images that it captures play a big part in it,” Cheeks said.

The products we looked at for this story varied in cost. On the low-end the products averaged around $200.

The cost can increase to as much as $650 or higher depending on the features and number of cameras included.

Check with your local police department to see if it offers home security checks.

That service helps identify which areas of your home are most vulnerable.