Attempted Burglary Suspects, Getaway Car Photos Released

LAMORINDA, CA — The Lafayette Police Department has released photos of suspects they say tried to burglarize a home on Friday. A window was broken, police say, but the suspects failed to get inside. A photo of the car they used has also been released.

The homeowner found out about the burglary attempt on Saturday, when workers pointed out the broken window. The homeowner reviewed home security video, then called police.

Police also checked the video and came away praising the homeowner for taking proactive steps to thwart crime.

The burglary attempt happened in the 1000 block of Oak Hill Road between 2:30 and 3 p.m. The video recorded a vehicle as it passed in front of the home several times. It stopped on the road in front of the home and the driver of the car backed into a parking spot adjacent to the home.

Once the car was stopped, two males walked to the front door of the home. Once at the front door, they rang the doorbell. When the door wasn’t answered, the two walked toward a side gate of the home. As they were walking, a vehicle passed in front of the home. The pair ran to their car. After the passing car left the area, the two returned to the side gate, which was locked.

They walked toward a second gate when another vehicle passed by the front of the home. Again, the suspects ran from the home, jumping the hedge to return to the waiting vehicle. After the vehicle passed, the suspects returned to the other side gate, finding it locked as well.

At that point, they disappear from the view of the camera. Police theorize this is when the window was broken. But only the outer pane of a double-paned window broke. The suspects didn’t get through the inner pane. At that point, they’d had enough and ran to the waiting vehicle, which sped away into the neighboring Glenn neighborhood.

If you recognize these suspects or have video of the car, email the LPD Tip Line at or phone the station at (925) 283-3680.

-Images via Lafayette Police Department

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Originally published July 31, 2017.

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