Bold criminals call for upgraded home security

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — As criminals become more brazen, home surveillance experts tell 6 News that most security systems may need an upgrade to combat theft or home invasion.

Home security cameras have become a criminal catching staple. George Langabeer started Silver Hammer Surveillance close to one decade ago.

“What I sold people four years ago might as well have been 20 years ago,” he said. Alarm systems just don’t cut it anymore.

“All they’re good for is making a loud noise if you’re home,” Langabeer said. “Thieves don’t care about those things. They’ll go in if they know you’re not home and you have an alarm system they don’t care.”

He says installing motion detecting cameras that sync to apps like Nest or Ring are more dependable because home owners can monitor their property from anywhere.

Smarter cameras can now tell if you or your family is returning home or if a stranger is targeting your house.

George says his company’s cameras have recently thwarted entire rings of home intruders and identity thieves.

“You never know how many times a camera system is paid for itself because you have no idea how many times it deterred something,” he said.

The surveillance cameras range in prices depending upon how advanced of a system you’d like. You can install them yourself or go through a local company like Silver Hammer for more advice.