Breaks-ins on the rise, cameras catch a suspect

JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) – Jackson Police are investigating multiple home break-ins happening recently in the city.

In one case, the suspect was caught on a home security camera.

Richard Peck has lived in Jackson’s historic district for over 30 years. He says break-ins in the neighborhood are becoming common.

Peck would know because there has been two attempts to break into his home, only one attempt during Christmas thieves were able to get inside his home.

“It was a little creepy, I didn’t enjoy it at all and then you feel vulnerable,” said Peck. “You don’t know what their motivation is, you know what they might carry with them, and there are a lot of dynamics involved.”

Peck’s neighbor’s security cameras were rolling when a burglar broke in to their home overnight.

The photo was posted onto the neighborhood Facebook page in an effort to catch whoever responsible.

“That is the kind of stuff that were looking for, the social media part to help us gain some momentum in fighting this thing and again taking our neighborhood back,” said Peck.

The price of home security camera systems have gone down in price in recent years.

For many home owners, it’s hard to put a price on peace of mind.

“Now days you can get a camera system anywhere from $250 where you buy the box and you install it yourself,” said Sam Abdo of Total Security LLC in Grand Ledge. “Or a company like us do an install for you for anywhere from $500 on up to $1000 for a four camera system depending on what you are looking for.”

A move Peck says he’ll be making soon for his home.

“Don’t think that you can stop the behavior, that’s not going to happen,” said Peck. “But you can catch the person or persons involved.”