Cabarrus County defense attorney says gun was stolen from his vehicle

A photo of the gun stolen (Courtesy Aaron Lee)A photo of the gun stolen (Courtesy Aaron Lee)

Cabarrus County resident Aaron Lee is no stranger to the world of crime. He works as a defense attorney in several counties in the Charlotte metro area.

While he is used to defending those accused of committing crimes, Lee found himself in the role of the victim last week.

The attorney said his wife notified him one morning that their cars had been rummaged through overnight. At first, she suspected it was Lee searching for documents prior to a trip to the DMV, but when he told her he wasn’t responsible, they realized their cars had been broken into.

“I looked down in the center console and sure enough my gun was stolen,” said Lee.

He said he usually keeps his handgun with him for protection. As a criminal defense attorney, he can often find himself dealing with strangers.

“It’s nice for my own protection to have something like that,” explained the attorney.

He said he reported the theft to the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office. Online records show there were multiple reports of items stolen from cars in Lee’s subdivision, Porter’s Landing.

Lee now hopes his firearm can be recovered before it is used to commit a crime.

“I hope it never gets used, but I know it is a possibility,” said Lee. “Knowing that a report was filed and it’s in the statewide, nationwide database, I know they’re not going to be able to sell it, not going to be able to pawn it.”

Lee said he and his wife are upgrading their home security system and looking to add surveillance cameras outside of the house.

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