Fairbanks woman suspected in man's death charged with stabbing another person

FAIRBANKS—A Fairbanks women wanted by police in connection with the death of a man in a South Cushman Street home Tuesday was arrested Wednesday night after she reportedly stabbed a 66-year-old Ester woman, stole her car and briefly kidnapped her.

Lyndsey Lee Preshaw, 35, is charged with first-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault and first-degree vehicle theft for the Wednesday incident.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Fairbanks court Thursday, a man contacted Alaska State Troopers at 5:08 p.m. Wednesday to report he was out of state but that his home security camera recorded a white female in her 50s with blood on her face, knocking on his front door. Six minutes later, a man called 911 to report he was with a woman who had been attacked and whose vehicle had been stolen.

Chena Goldstream emergency medical services arrived at 3933 Parks Ridge Road and transported the woman to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The woman had been stabbed in the back, neck and face and suffered a partially collapsed lung. She gave a brief account of the incident to a trooper before being taken into surgery.

The woman said she arrived at her Parks Highway home to find a woman she didn’t know coming down the exterior stairs of her home. She told the woman, later identified as Preshaw, she was on private property and asked her to leave.

The woman parked her car in her garage, which was attached to her home but did not have a connecting door. She exited her garage through the side door and found Preshaw standing there. The woman again asked Preshaw to leave and Preshaw asked the woman if she had a leash for her dog. The woman told Preshaw she did not and asked her again to leave.

The woman turned away from Preshaw and started walking to her house, but before she could reach her door Preshaw started stabbing her repeatedly from behind, according to the complaint. The woman told troopers she doesn’t know how many times Preshaw stabbed her but that she was very strong.

The woman struggled to her feet and Preshaw asked her for cash money. The woman told Preshaw she didn’t keep cash in the house, at which point Preshaw stated she needed to get out of there. The woman took that to mean Preshaw was asking for a ride, so she got in the driver’s seat of her Honda Ridgeline pickup truck to do so. Preshaw insisted the woman get in the passenger seat, climbed into the driver’s seat and drove southbound on the Parks Highway.

The woman convinced Preshaw to let her out of the vehicle and Preshaw dropped her off at Parks Ridge Road, about 2.8 miles from the woman’s home.

The woman walked to several houses and knocked on doors, trying to get help. A man found her walking on Parks Ridge Road and rendered aid while awaiting emergency medical personnel.

Troopers investigated the scene at the woman’s house and found obvious signs of a struggle and a distinct set of shoe impressions approaching the woman’s shoe impressions. They also found a bag of Cheetos, a gray and black glove and blood on the ground.

At that time troopers got word of a white Honda Ridgeline in the ditch at the intersection of Old Nenana Road and the George Parks Highway near mile 341. Troopers responded and a male driver stopped and told them he just gave a woman a ride to Monderosa Restaurant Road. He said he picked up the woman just past the spot the pickup truck had gone into the ditch.

Troopers took photographs of the shoe impressions left in the deep snow by the pickup truck. These photographs were matched to shoe impressions found at the woman’s house and on the road leading to the Monderosa Restaurant. The shoe impressions were lost in the hardpack and no one at the restaurant reported seeing a woman matching Preshaw’s description.

At 9:11 p.m. a duty officer at Clear Air Force Station contacted troopers to report an adult female acting strangely at 309 mile of the Parks Highway. Troopers responded and matched the woman’s shoe impressions to those found at the woman’s home and near the truck. Preshaw initially identified herself as Mary Brown but eventually stated she was Lindsey Preshaw, according to the complaint.

Preshaw was taken to the Nenana trooper post, and her bloody clothing was seized and placed into plastic bags. She was then taken to the Fairbanks trooper post and both Fairbanks police and troopers interviewed her.

Fairbanks police confirmed Thursday afternoon that Preshaw is the primary suspect in the Tuesday morning stabbing death of 43-year-old John Thomas Preshaw III, who was found deceased in a South Cushman Street building. Police say they are not currently looking for additional suspects in that case and expect charges to be filed soon, according to a news release issued Thursday afternoon.

In 2013, Lyndsey Preshaw was charged with stabbing John Preshaw III in the leg with a butcher knife and sentenced to 20 months in prison. At her sentencing, John Preshaw III, who was Lyndsey Preshaw’s step-brother, fiance and father of her children, asked the judge to be lenient because she had “changed” and her children needed her.

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