Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. (FBHS) EPS position deviates to bear territory in YTD basis

With Quick R at 1.2 FBHS liquidity stance is strong , and company has ability to meet its near term contract with its most liquid assets. Forward PE for Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. is projected at 19.67 times lower PE by 23.47.

Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. forward value indicators are at 19.67 indicates future growth does not seem to be on uptrend , considering the level of P /E and subsequent PE returns over the subsequent 12 months prices is expected to enter overvalued region .

Street firms are upbeat as FBHS is putting up seen encouraging pattern in equity to growth through last year . Companies financials are seem solid however are sustainable in long term with Market-to-Book ratio at 4.09.

With 9.95% growth Year on Year projected over 5 years Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. has adequate momentum to justify 23.47 PE. With Wall Street  stress on quarter in and quarter , stock continue mirroring on optimism stock traded at -2.66% below yearly high , though Stocks is near yearly low, it does not mean the prices have bottomed out . Also does not make the risk-reward ratio better.

Compared to its growth potential , PE is high, in contrary the business doesn’t have a high enough growth rate to support its P /E. When compared to Consumer Goods sector with PEG ratio of 1.93 the Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. continues to be undervalued .

The assets has a Return on Asset of 8.60% ratio which is typical of the strong trend and performance in Home Furnishings & Fixtures Industry , and driving very aggressive growth , management have really been able to maintain their assets to earnings ratio at a much higher phase .

Company’s liability and accounts payable along with its assets is relatively stable with CR at 1.9, with higher debt to liquid value firm has a positive financial health with ability to meet its near term liabilities with its near term assets.

Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. is currently above its support levels at $63.6, means technically upbeat which is a positive sign. Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. cost to earning ratio of 23.47 shows that the stock is relatively over priced right now, so having higher avg price earnings , investors would interpret as the company are set for reversal .

However in a long-term position , analysts are not sure that Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. has found that the remedy for its sector caused ailment , as price are trading 2.96% above Consumer Goods sector .

From Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. charts RSI 59.88 currently represents neutral trade movement and might cross resistance in long term . the relative strength index for the company trades in the no trade zone indicative of same level price moves in the short term .

Supported by a up-down ratio of 0.99x, total MFI closed at $-32.50mn. With respect to block trades, money flow ended $49.62mn with tick up at $911.34mn and tick down at $861.72mn led an up /down ratio of 1.06xSupported by a string of factors, sector saw a change of 0.32 closing at 6184.12.

Equity value of the company commands a value of $10401.16 ML , supported by increased investors activity has helped in better liquidity for the company. By 11.85% Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. EPS 11.85% compared to Current Year , analyst expect per share earnings to be lower by 11.85%in aggregate positive FBHS earning to price of 39.20% is attractive to traders who are primarily looking for a steady source of income .