Gun Toting Teens Caught on Camera

Indio, CA –

An Indio homeowner, who did not want to be identified says, Friday night after he was alerted to as shooting in his neighborhood he checked his home security system.

He says when he saw three teenage boys running with large weapons on the screen, he was stunned, “I was really shocked … I did not expect to see the guns, to just see kids running then we see they were all rifles that really shocked us.” 

He says an officer told him one of the guns appears to be an assault style rifle, “That’s a lot of fire power for little kids to be having on the streets.”

He says lately there’s been a lot of shootings in their neighborhood, “Yeah, within the last month or two there’s been multiple shootings on this street, my neighbors vehicles they’ve all had bullet holes in them.”

We showed Indio Police Sergeant Dan Marshall the video, “It definitely appears to be younger adults, if not juveniles involved in this dangerous behavior,” he says adding that they’re investigating a shooting in the area of White Water Way and Duquesne Street and are trying to find out if the two are connected, “no one was hit, no one was injured, I believe a vehicle was struck.”

But  he says it’s a good opportunity to remind parents with weapons to store them under lock and key, “A person under the age of 18 is in your residence and they get a hold of your handgun and hurt themselves and hurt somebody else, you are definitely liable.”

He also wants parents to know there’s resources like the parent project to get help if they have an at risk teen, “We want to see the youth given a proper path and given an opportunities to change their behaviors before the next step is they’re being tried as an adult because they’re being tried in something horrific.”

The homeowner says he hopes something good can come from this video and police and parents intervene before it is too late, “They’re just dangerous they’re shooting and hitting random innocent people’s homes who have kids.”

Sgt. Marshall also says it’s important for people to own guns to not let people know they have weapons because it makes them easy targets for criminals who can’t get guns legally. 

If you have any information call Indio Police:  (760) 391-4057