Hazen in west-central ND is safest city in state

The city didn’t have any violent crime in an entire year, said the study that used FBI crime statistics.

Rounding out the top five, which were spread across the central part of the state, were New Town, the largest city and the administrative center of the Fort Berthold Reservation, Carrington in east-central North Dakota, Beulah, which is just miles away from Hazen in west-central North Dakota and Lincoln, a suburb of Bismarck.

Safewise used FBI statistics from 2015 for the rankings this year, only using cities that were above the 2,000 population mark and submitted a complete crime report to the FBI. The website then made the rankings based on the number of violent crimes (aggravated assauult, murder, rape and robbery) and property crimes (burglary, arson , theft and motor vehicle thefts).

Hazen replaced its neighbor Beulah as the No. 1 safest city this year.

Each of the top five cities had three or fewer burglaries.

Statewide, North Dakota is the 10th safest for violent crime and 20th safest for property crimes.