Home burglars steal guns, cash, and jewelry in under five minutes

Crystal clear security video shows a home burglary play out in real time near Cactus and Bermuda. (Tim & Michelle Gleason)

Crystal clear security video shows a home burglary play out in real time.

The break-in happened Friday in broad daylight near Cactus Avenue and Bermuda Road on the south side of Las Vegas.

Tim and Michelle Gleason say the crooks may have used a spark plug to shatter their glass sliding back door.

In the video, you can hear glass shattering onto the kitchen floor.

“The door is an 8-foot slider. It’s double paned and they came through two pieces of glass,” explained Tim Gleason.

In the video, one intruder appears to be on the phone. The other looks like he’s holding a knife.

“It is scary. I think they would’ve done harm if I was home,” said Michelle Gleason.

An alert was sent to Tim’s phone. He watched the break-in happen live while his wife called 911. Neither were home at the time.

“My heart sank,” said Tim.

The video shows the burglars moving room to room, ransacking the home. Photos show the couple’s home in disarray. Their stuff has been thrown all over the floor.

“There’s no regard to anything. They never care. They took a knife and slashed through the pillows. They stabbed the pillows and slashed them and left stuff everywhere,” said Michelle.

Tim scared away the burglars by triggering a loud alarm. But, it was too late. The burglars got away with guns, jewelry, and cash.

Daniel Hiatt with Safe Security says many homeowners across Las Vegas have turned to security cameras to protect their homes.

“Vegas is booming right now. There’s a lot of new homeowners coming in. A lot of old owners are seeing trends of break-ins. So we’ve seen a rise in business all around,” said Hiatt.

Hiatt says cameras are important, but most people can’t monitor them around the clock. That’s why he recommends a home security system.

“A lot of people have the assumption, just because you’re paying for service, you’re automatically going to get police to your door and that’s just not true,” he explained.

That’s why Hiatt tells homeowners to get a two-way voice feature.

“That allocates police faster because we can figure out what’s going on more immediately, instead of ascending an armed guard and figuring it out from there,” Hiatt said. “If we don’t hear your password and we hear glass breaking, dogs barking, people screaming, that gives us the ability to figure out whats going on faster.”

If you recognize the intruders in the Gleason’s home videos, call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555. Tipsters can remain anonymous.