Home Security on a Budget

Thanks to technology, there are a lot more options out there as well as far as home security systems go that won’t break the bank. Home burglary is a common occurrence and becomes even more regular during the Christmas season, with, according to the F.B.I, about 65 percent of burglaries happening during the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.


“Our burglaries are up right now actually and our thefts. It’s up pretty much everywhere,” Wichita County Sheriff David Duke. “It’s very common, especially this time of year. Obviously, people have been shopping for Christmas. It’s just traditionally for all law enforcement burglaries go up around the holidays, especially the Christmas holiday.”

                If you are worried about how secure your home is in Wichita County, the sheriff’s office come and conduct a home inspection. Deputies will show you where weaknesses are and what will help keep burglars out.


“We are going to look at your deadbolt. See that you have at least a one-inch throw going into a metal strike plate, which this does,” said Melvin Joyner, the community service deputy for Wichita County Sheriff Office. “One of the things you want to make sure of, that someone can’t hide behind them. So, keep them trimmed down low so someone can’t break into the window and no one can see them breaking into the window.”

                After the inspection, they can recommend security systems and will also give you tips on where to put cameras to cover the most area.

“I would probably put one going back this way to cover this window and this side of the house,” Joyner said. “I would have another one facing this way to cover the back door and the back side of my home. I would put another one across the front that would cover the front door and the front area. Another one on the opposite side. That would give you complete perimeter coverage of the exterior of your home.”

Now finding the right home security system can seem daunting, with all of the options that are available now. And when you talk to someone about a security system that price can add up quickly, but you don’t have to break the bank to prevent people from breaking into your home, something like this doorbell camera system is rather inexpensive

                The price for a security system could end up costing you more than $1,000 but unless you have a very large home, you don’t need the number of camera that would be included in that system.

 “The most basic is going to be the ring doorbell because generally it only comes with one camera,” said Jeffery Inge, a sales consultant for Best Buy. “It can be hooked up to multiple cameras but the most basic of the basic is going to be the wired security cameras. You are going to get a notification but that is about the extent. You will get a motion notification, but you can’t play back stuff like you could with the cloud recording of the Arlo’s. Still not bad. It’s one of the better cameras, more reliable.”

                Cameras and Wi-Fi connections to the web have been a game changer in recent years as well!

“Every camera is wireless, and it comes in one, two, four or six cameras so just however many cameras you think you will need. They are super easy to hookup. It’s a push button hookup and it comes with the free cloud recording,” Inge said.

                Almost all of the systems come with an app that will allow you to see who approaches the door or enters your house.

“They all have their own app that they pair too,” Inge said. “Either that or an online website. Every single one of them works off of your home Wi-Fi or your mobile data connection. If you take your phone and you are at work and all of a sudden get a notification about someone busting open your door or something. You open the notification and view your camera system. It will let you know who came in the house or it will let you see a picture of who came in the house.”

Most importantly these types of security systems do work.

 “We caught a guy in a burglary here recently up here north of the base,” Sheriff Duke said. “That’s exactly how we caught him. His phone went off said someone was out in front of his house and actually broke into the house and stole some things.”

Real time information that’s helping keep you and your family safe.

                You can spend as little or as much as you want on home security…. but authorities say it’s the little things like having timers on lights, moving cars around or even having locks on your gates that can make a difference as well. If you’d like more information about having someone from the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office come out to your home and take a look around, you can give them a call.