Homeowner on cubs' visit: 'We thought somebody was trying to break in'

It’s surprising what your home security camera can capture in the middle of the night.

That’s what one San Luis Obispo resident is thinking after two mountain lion cubs were caught on camera pouncing on his front doorstep around 4:30 Saturday morning.

The two cubs made their way into Vic Kurkeyerian’s neighborhood off Prefumo Canyon Road.

“We thought somebody was trying to break in,” Kurkeyerian said.

The racket immediately woke up Kurkeyerian and his wife who checked their home surveillance.   

“I was relieved that it wasn’t a burglar but I was kind of shocked when I saw the video, but the second thought was like, oh wait a minute… these are probably those cubs that they had the trail closed for,” Kurkeyerian continued.

Back on December 8th, the Morro View Trail was closed after a mother mountain lion and her cubs were spotted using an area along there as a den.

The popular trail nestled in the Irish Hills remains closed.

That trail is not far from Kurkeyerian’s home but it’s directly above neighbor– Stephanie Laguna’s home.

“We’re just being very cautious, extra careful,” Laguna said. “I’ve always been careful with my dogs back here just knowing that we have a lot of wildlife.”

But seeing the video… 

“That’s really scary, it’s like they’re trying to get in, too.”

Kurkeyerian still can’t believe what happened.

“I mean living here you figure you might see something but I never thought that they would actually try to come into your house and make an effort to jump through the window.”

He says he’s noticed more signs popping up of missing cats in the area and believes it could have to do with the mountain lions.

As for the trail that’s closed, officials will reopen it once they believe it’s safe again.

San Luis Obispo Parks & Recreation rangers are installing a game camera so they can learn more about the mother and her cubs and to keep an eye on how they are behaving.

We reached out to the head ranger but have not yet heard back.