How would your dog react to an intruder?

Nationwide, home break-ins are on the rise. In fact, a home invasion happens every 13 seconds. Plenty of people get a dog for home security. But if a burglar did break in, what would your dog do?

To find out, NBC Charlotte put three dogs and their owners to the test. First up, a three-year-old border collie mix named Scout.

“Well, I think Scout has a mean bark, but not a mean bite,” said Rey Eveson.

Professional dog trainer James Remick of Iron Mountain K-9 acted as our intruder. He wore a protective suit just to be safe.

Outside, the dog owners watched from hidden cameras in the house as the intruder made his move.

“She’s nowhere to be found,” said Everson. “Where is she?”

Our friend, Scout, ran upstairs and didn’t bark for nearly 20 seconds, avoiding the intruder.

The next dog was an eight-year-old pit bull mix named Lucy.

As our intruder approached the front door, Lucy responded by barking and growling. However, when the intruder finally broke in, Lucy bolted.

“Oh, Lucy, letting me down girl,” said owner Kelli Rich.

The third dog, also named Lucy, is a five-year-old half shitzu-half poodle.

As the intruder approached, Lucy knew something was out of whack. She barked at the front door and held her ground.

“Oh wow, I’m impressed,” said owner Heidi Bay. “She’s actually barking at him.”

It wasn’t until the intruder got in that Lucy ran away, but she continued to bark from a distance.

“I’m impressed actually,” said Bay.

All three dogs acted as an alarm alerting their owners, but it takes specialized training for a dog to provide real home protection.

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