Local man's trail cam misses the deer, but catches a thief red handed

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI)- A thief was caught in the act. One local man got it all on camera.

John Monts went to go check on his motion censored deer camera, hoping to find some game. He didn’t spot a deer, instead, he spotted a thief stealing about 20 feet of copper pipes around 1:30 p.m. last Tuesday.

“Your space was invaded,” Monts said.

Monts says he was shocked that it happened in broad daylight, while his wife was home.

“You would have expected it maybe at night,” Monts said.

The copper pipes were scraps from an old air conditioner, that sat outside next to his barn.

“I got up and started searching,” Monts said.

A trail of foam lining that surrounded the copper was scattered in the woods in his backyard. 

“You don’t think that somebody is going to invade your life, but obviously somebody did,” Monts said.

Monts says it’s not about what’s missing. It’s about the bigger picture of it all. 

“We’re buying some cameras,” Monts said. “I got a security system.”

To be safe rather than sorry and send a message to his peers. 

“They (people) need to secure their property,” Monts said. “They (people) need to be concerned about their own home security.”

Police say stealing copper wires and pipes doesn’t happen too often. But, you should store anything with value in a safe place.