May's video to make TV debut

Retired Summit roofer Benny May is about to make a splash in Hollywood.

May recently received a call from the producers of “America’s Funniest Videos” saying the self-effacing footage of a four-wheeler mishap that he submitted more than a year ago will be aired at 7 p.m. Sunday on ABC.

Two home security cameras captured a hapless May losing control of his four-wheeler. Then his “britches came down” while chasing the ATV, which ended up in a pond.

While embarrassing, the light-hearted May thought the clip was good enough to win the $10,000 prize given away at the end of each episode to the person whose video is deemed the funniest by vote.

“I sent it in about a year and a half ago. I never said anything to anybody about it,” he said.

He was watching TV recently when his answering machine picked up a message from someone with the show. Only faintly hearing “AFV” on the message, May said, “I thought it was somebody trying to sell me something.”

But then he heard the words, “Your video will be aired,” and he jumped to answer the phone.

May cut to the chase: “I said, ‘What about the $10,000?’ And he said, ‘Well, (the episode is) already need filmed, so obviously you didn’t win the $10,000, but tell me what size T-shirt you wear and I’ll send you a T-shirt.’”  

May announced the news to his fellow members of the McComb Exchange Club, who almost didn’t believe him when he said, “I got a call from Hollywood the other day.”

The video may be old news to members of the club and May’s Facebook friends, but he jokingly acknowledged the fame — or perhaps viral Internet status — that could come with its airing on national TV.

“The big time comes to Pine Cone Lane,” he said.