M&N Hour 3 Trying to Solve A Pizza the Puzzle 3-12-18

We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always thank you schedule Kelly. Previously on medi in the redhead to me is like Richie Cunningham you and I like it but the world didn’t and howdy yeah I I don’t read he has those dual. But not good quality not a bad downgraded Johnson. I met them I you do all right around he’s got visa card and lose your first time on stage and got there first I thought I. Remember muffin Alphonse a side who want to lose that kind of an irishman and a small beer volumes liver sometimes I have sent to my limits Ohio and number. And one of the game the league needs she does that OK okay. From them really makes over the place in the nation have been met my friend in the magic bomb that lets see what hits you harder New England another nor’easter for the return to admit I kinda find out fears Matty and nick on WA AF. Afternoon everybody belly up to the bottom 5 o’clock hour with the show. Hope that if they’re back together a game for the first time in over two weeks today. We brought you as always by town fair tire. The best. When it comes to tires go see them town fair tire. If you need tires there’s nowhere else to go we don’t know that. Coming ups on the program wolf toggle sports we got some breaking news things that are trending that you might have missed while you’re working. And I’d drop kick Murphy tickets again this hour. And the 6 o’clock and by the way speaking of 6 o’clock hour at the end of the five or read the top of the sixth. In about one hour from now we will play the best of your generic radio voice mails GF wives. Tell some energy of wire rivers on your mind call 6177795454. Pretty much ever. All right sounds good nick. I talked about Pete again. We had to gates last week one was red head gay. When someone said I was a red head and I freaked out. Does not provide bottom and it don’t start you’re not around what he would Ali what do you think. I’d rather not read I’ll do my hair is all dirty bronze. In Europe bodies dirt. Pulled out I so I I don’t wanna get into this year I started sending pictures to stand split screens of me an edge here and they looked exactly it’s okay first of all the bags. The fact that you. Don’t ominously hairs that you have yourself an edge here and to another man. Might be the most most thing I’ve heard won’t just I just you guys try to troll because if you’re human being with rods and cones. You concede that there’s chemistry in red and my head was just right on Arista Graham yeah and make the call themselves as of yesterday and in light of the right to sound like Jan Sullivan 72 was that I think Matty is a dirty blonde not a redhead at all. Jen Solomon for president. So please the fact that you. Are trying to convince the rest of us who are not colorblind. When it’s you are who’s. Everything lines I’ve never been called a ginger Red Hat ever ever not have a full blown out redhead thank you know I have never once definitely gone ever wants to know when it comes directs Mattie when it comes to read you’re not a full blown head. This truth is you hew closer to read than any other color. Incorrect quote I Trent closer to brown and I can tell you I don’t I didn’t sit well though you’d love to threaten closer brown act. Meanwhile summons in the studio like yes and why I was I invited in for this. So this is the other gate we had a guy. Pizza gate arms and you know the sensitivity postman topic for Matty. Just it is is an apple I know you guys are blind you have you have eyes you can to others in red and brown and or blonde as brown my hair is brown boom saw superiors dark brown. Myers on and black young black it almost black in it it’s dark. Now now are do you actually I thought no that’s not I. It all out Cadillac dark and I just that I think it’s trends closer to black first thought it would what do golden throated got like Tom right. You turn Don Draper comes in you turn that microphone it’s just like I like about women trending toward black. How do you still have a job well enough to let. I’m not sure. Tom Draper of the golden throated sales guy that comes in from time to time it provides us with the drops everyone loves you every shower had love you Tom Draper thank you for being here and that you read but this is just fun playtime. We’re sending you on a mission you’re going to be our deep throat you’re going to be our sales. Investigative reporter all our embedded journalists are spot. And you don’t know how I’m comfortable with the idea of making use someone who works in the sales department here at WA AF and all that are com. No and why were comfortable with this why why we know nobody will ever figure out who the mole is because there’s zero chance anyone’s ever listened to that’s correct that’s correct that is actually I. Thank you to our we well that’s why I try to solicit. Here’s what. We walked back in sales are like security no I work here and I’m nick it’s my name is on literally on the side. And sign. Flat bread of Brighton right down the street right down the straws and sent us pizzas. From Matty in their two sales. Well we agree slow love love little Robbie route Weis. Weis a weeding again I’ll slice. No one from sale said needing to us Hawaii she came. And you guys are you a sales team okay get pizza jaded action Draper I don’t know I don’t think community I know I know Paul. So Tom yes. You need to go into sales hello I want to record on your phone illegally right you need and we don’t care about them without consent. You don’t you don’t. You’re pulled ticket trick from your old pal nick you put it. Big flower on your lapel. And I sat there well I’ll tell Leann like well hello insert name of president sales aren’t you looking lovely today. But an odd thing Peterson Tom de. My kids last week wasn’t that delicious pizza UH. And then they’ll totally give you the goods aren’t they’re talking to my flower. An Israeli yes yeah I know the exact very subtle look to go to take a poll find out who ate the Matty and nick pizza from what. From flat bread last week why it’s not us giving us any and then there’s one where if they hit MG day. Who works out crises like the receptionist Michael Jordan as you all know and it works out front she’s a Michael Jordan go to different one now. I have these very much Michael Jackson’s funeral home not a habit last week. She works at the front desk she received the pizzas. And somehow and if you spend enough time right and man Munich. Actually I should say hey if you spend enough time around NJC lows. Is along the path from her past. Not a redhead. So Tom you don’t get to the bottom. Why don’t we just sort of any compensation 100%. Of conversation when I was there needs we want those damn pizzas. As much as we want eatery the three things we put on the dryer and a sore right neutrality area. Stolen pepperoni. Deep throat. I doubt. That speculative buy and deep throat. And just ginger from last ginger. WAS. On the streets. Coming up on Thursday a day remember and properly address the Sunday’s stunner the — kick Murphy start their string of shows at the house of blues Collin Quinn is after little back and Adam hey is that laugh Boston and that’s the word on the street sponsored by planet fitness. The world judges we don’t planet fitness dot com for more details and info log on the WA AF dot com. 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We have fleet customers who travel thirty miles to about. Guys work and their trucks premium Ford grew nine framing him know we’re also you forceful us. You know those radio shows that provide timely information about professional manner okay kids hear the chocolate mandate answers yet this is not that that he had mixed. At WAF. He’s milling down the hallway on his way he’s back you know we is we’re gonna talk sports in literally seconds let’s go to trimming import studio line real quick. But Monday’s been holding what do you got by it. All done that today Sergio not all old they can observe the other money but came across this being a copy. It’s a little cup called tank then it’s like days. And they have a good call shall look there’s. We even send thank you but we’re gonna investigate that we’ve been said various shower Beers strains but now we are actually sent this expect from a man down in North Carolina from a brewing company have belief. There’s that one that’s some other random company makes it’s like 10%. And this one hang hang that’s that he says yes his name without your house assistant. Yoko houses assistant pang pang yes. She’s only allowed in the kitchen. But thank you for the tip we’ve also been it. Given a lot of links to the article which we actually covered here neck on this program. That I shall beer hanging hanging you can. This guy can’t there’s nothing we can do this another hello I point you’re right down the hall now. You know Latin. Suspension and human. One must be careful when one is. That that’s on my danger danger grass wearing tank. It’s. Nicholas joke goes making. The tone. Down. And don’t let the music in the by the way out of the kitchen you’ll go. All right. Also we’ve been giving these articles let me be very clear I love the bots. People have been texting us and these articles that say scientifically proven the shower Beers make you more intelligent. And we actually covered that during the for you stories so we’re way ahead of the curve neck on all of this is an arms I’ll fish out. But don’t forget with the March Madness. Right upon us you can play WA AF bracket ball present about it and sell acts like in you to win 500 bucks in your college basketball bracket. WA AF dot com slash bracket. And make your picks before the tournament starts also brought you by revised energy I’ll racquetball 500 dollars that’s half thousand dollars dollar. What a perfect segue into sports. Here’s your old pal busy with the weakened this a sports report what they got the tip of the day job stuff. On WI AEA yeah. This video again and good to be seen again for I’m so happy I’m back. Is gone couldn’t get kickbacks and who wouldn’t be prudent and should. Wouldn’t. Hey I can’t say I go on track. And now you’re and just so you know that right if you need any. Felt a miracle all of us winning without your other just say god that was. Any news. That was unreal. What do you yes sir right there is the audio swirled about all the desktops the lapin is the fall than anywhere people can stream on the FaceBook watch do little whatever it is. The my watch the face watch. This is the final episode the most painful one the ultimate chapter. In the 2017. That became too funny eighteen Sayyaf. Tom vs time wait time did not defeat Tom but rather a cabbage defense a questionable call by his coach. And of course I actually did run out of time in the end he just needed a few more seconds to complete the ultimate. Well the second ultimate capitalist yeah possible that one of the bag that that was top of the phone would Graf with G. That’s what I call I’m sure your race in the guise beacon to. You know they I think that rock after the FC championship that’s compelling audio I want it picked up the positive good that brought out his brain implant the sound bite. When he talks about like all was so difficult. I thought you know. 3833. I go in the game two minutes forty seconds left now I think we’re gonna score at what I mean that you want to do idea that the real painful bite terror. You got that this grids. I have to find it. 58 he would have to cut up those audio of I mean you Oakland ping ping. And bang bang not even higher and understood that. Now there’s it’s not there’s the other SoundBite ever wants. Where Tom says like when he was pointedly ask in this edition of thomas’ time that they had to re cut. Because obviously the game. Did not go there I mean ever since oops gotta Lockett told back in December this is not remotely think I should know he’s gonna talk about oval ball fifty true. Many whose. Brady talks about the idea I think the WEEI people send it via the sports folks. The other incentive and all of us not into their stuff in my eyes don’t want to once that’s not do you think DJ stocked do you want among Super Bowl yeah talking about game tonight is the other SoundBite ever with the money of the one. You thought I pulled the wrong one I pulled the wrong one on more than one occasion. All right fine. Is that real sound bite everyone’s talking about from the beautiful painful. Climactic and at the same time so all crunching final episode of Tom vs time. Oh no sorry my. It’s really helpful. You know I’ve been fortunate young people it’s that far and then again that team. Is so hard for me. You know we physicists. Guess you’re the best team lead with their music. So the end times and maybe one or two plays I think. The lingering thought from the Super Bowl game in his hand I would just need that one way or those. And maybe against different. Right if he catches he owes it. If he had only had not ordered back it’s been a neat thing talks later about 3833. He’s got two minutes forty seconds left. All it’s got to do is make that one play or at least not have this guy committed strip sack him out of the blue and he gives keeps going obviously he’s who. Live that thousands of times in his mind. And it kills and every night it. If we’re talking about Butler and we’re also thinking about the strips that imagine what’s going through this guy’s my notes I’ve known what a competitive animal though wounded dog radius. What a relentless machine used. Now. Why I mean it’s frigate I should be getting excited like sprout spring training is here we’re in right in the thick of it stocks opened the days like. Sixteen days away from now. I injured my hours straight to this weekend thanks to these guys it is right. And yet still. Like yesterday morning I woke up. It’s daylight savings right we got we leave for an hour we did her thing I thought was awesome that’s one less now that I have to think about two wolf if you do. That’s true I’m still sick then it. Los on our way you know lot. Brady while promote the Tom vs time with is that religion a sports might narrow them Michael Strahan for it stopped about ten years ago. And go post. Office you know he used to career I was shows him one. He goes on Good Morning America today and Brady tells us. Exactly. What we all think we were well especially after that trade drop below tells exactly. What we wanna hear do you think they won’t play five more years here I was on the road maps through Baghdad. They go. Five more years he’s gonna play at least five more years. And would do after seeing the pictures that are all of via Twitter spot right there right often that if eatery you know. It’s that giant like three it’s bloody GAAP. Yeah the gash. Disgusting. He’s got like a hand giant now. He does on his hand man but that happened in the playoffs and he goes on to get stitched up you can see it happening in the numbers that time right that’s right. And then he goes on to complete an amazing comeback. Talkative Broncos can cost and that’s why well leading up to that let’s just take a minute here as we (%expletive) and moan. Like the overly entitled sports fans that we out spoiled rotten brats of sports and and success. The guy completed 290 where the past is two touchdowns. Awesome comeback with that broken hand jive in the two weeks later there were 505 yet so we get strips that. What do you do well. We’ve got five more easily to come back and win it again so. And when he plays the 49 is next year what Jerry thought because. Suitable 53. Super Bowl rag Iraq. In Atlanta. It was very. Everything else the Sox played summoned today did count everyone’s mind is the envelope that we. I’ll pats traded for Danish out from Cleveland you’ve never heard big offensive tackle in the Hawaiian Vince Wilfork violent party’s guy that he’s huge. The vikings have reached out to Drew Brees aging because he’s a free agent for the trying to let Americans know that. He can’t have all the money that he thinks he’s got to get the Bruins there always is fixed rate the back into the back to back attack to the black box that’s tough to say. Back end of a back to back or against the Blackhawks Chicago okay 31 they play the higher gains to my seven that the ability probably knows the athletes that it. Tell us yes the pace is 9997. All vs the wizards on Wednesday night but good news. Mattie had dreams may finally come true you gonna have a chance to play for the Celtics because. Carrier ring. Nedney out indefinitely. Gordon Hayward still out for the daily round can cut out indefinitely markets might torn thumb dead out indefinitely. Daniel ties. Thought that this gets out to the end but otherwise everything is great how did you like the show mrs. Lincoln comes to stretch and I’ll get myself state when I tweeted well. I to Nepal incidentally it’s they would come human friends worse musical Iverson swarm right. Actually applaud if there are college career goes there’s all at the low blow Matty and this is not about to tell you amounted to do. Hang time would tell him. Hey you wanna hear something hot and they hit us off. Did you say you enjoy. Hot chicks and on beautiful little little little little mobile take a quick listen to this. The. Just explodes out of. So how are they. With softball pitcher relaxes the story yesterday. He struck out every mad if she faced what he wants to race there. Yeah no that’s your real rise ball well why did we learn music that’s eligible. Analysts are then strikes Lex is a story out for you now have. You now have a new. Think a lot of guys are going to be historian influence in awhile you wish you us. Who all right they. Leo oh is that you’re good not. Now that is needed to happen I apologize to every one of the great to be back fits the odds what’s PFY all right. We’ve got more stuff to give away drop kick Murphy tickets. And all that. Pretty apparent that. Sure yeah AF is now broadcasting on 93 point 760. College basketball brackets and you couldn’t. Intel X life. WA AF dot com slash bracket just sign up and make your bids on Thursday. Scores 500 bucks and bragging rights WAF. Bracket. Presented by can still ex wife and also brought Cuba rabbis energy. Brad Pitt. Moments dreams are made. Only. It’s too simple. Men’s ice hockey northeast regional. March 24 and 25. This instance it. Dot com slash frozen board today. 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You can learn more about on how and Don Helfgott collected on health and moving forward together. Show that has a certain set of skills and skills that make. You waited isn’t there it’s all right it’s still pretty cool quote. WA AF. That we do at this hour. He sure went the double check. The thousand gallons rallying for five. Okay. Mr. right now that B to seven caller right now 6179311. Day after your chance to win a pair of tickets to see the drop kick Murphy’s. At that house of blues Boston. This is Friday march 16. And this is doubly and drop kick madness good luck again call right now seven Colin 6179311. AAF. By nick another thing you missed while you’re gone right here on by the way will be doing your. Best of your generic radio voicemails Jia fly. Hotline is still opened 6177795454. At the top of the sixth just about 567 minutes away some like that. So don’t miss those. And and I think you can still get a couple in writes it is I mean you said it was chock full. Yeah I mean that’s how this some good ones though so it could be tomorrow to have you don’t get in tonight. Leave the message tonight will play tomorrow. And that’s thanks references don’t fort. GFY. But nick you’ve missed a lot last week obviously two and a half weeks almost. And who has gone for like at least two months yet you’ve covered feels hurt. The first or to any team we debuted. A new game on Monday that we’re gonna play on Monday is an item wanna lose any momentum when it. Except for the fact that. Kia are incredible singer I drive as a here is in New York City today. And she really yes says she wasn’t able to come in the studio. But we will continue this game next money of course I’m talking about the new games shooting the country. Rock opera many in X rock opera awhile and I knew I knew we were doing it. I’m like nick would love this so I wanted you to hear a little bit of last Monday. Around this time when we debuted the game I think it was maybe 5 o’clock hour late for some link that was 520. This was from last week and this is the debut of rock opera. Here’s local. Opera stars the Kia right here from Boston missed the Kia. Doing rock opera take it away. I want in a I. Josh and I won’t say huge us last resort. And he nailed it. Bumper boats that is a fun. Supremely entertaining we did have one that her listeners didn’t get could not get an Allen wondering you’re getting nick kingdom all right Dana let’s talk right now. Just you. I am against are listed as out there were over three goes directory against the dollar and also pretty content thing you can actually listen nursing. I. ID 99 even. Friday night. And unify a motorcycle. Switch right now. Always knew that girls girls girls. Days but I just can’t motorcycle nailed it right. You know I went there wasn’t one I was gonna say I think it’s been since today that we played it. You can reach us at the framing of ports deal around opera. And if you’re seventh cholera now you might go to my. That. Drop kick Murphy’s table play that again next Monday. Optimistic he’ll be back and evil which you can’t commit studio she’s going to be able to record in her home studio. So we look forward to playing them again that was a blasts at our house we haven’t talked about OJ yet which we will just moments. Damage did you hear your take on his quote unquote confession we talked last week actually to the producer of that special that airs Sunday him. Always in that day LaMont price yeah comedian pounced right on talk to Terence wrong who produce that documentary. And wait a second. They got that data producer for RJ I can’t be wrong. And then Matty asked them legit Terrence what do you feel about working. And that. Here in what are you kinda well I’ve brought up to LaMont and I think working is. Unattractive I find I find it. Santa does it just makes my Segal working on yeah I’m like oh please stop don’t it’s too much gratuitous. That is I feel during that already right here will I’d like big butts. But I don’t I don’t wanna go to working I feel every day. Video we showed we’ve played audio from last year I should just say remember that thing we heard of whatever. I was radio or. Last year we watched that video and then subsequently played the audio for the audience of the girl to working by the side of the road in a guy drove by and a motorcycle and. Love me and then record hardly like a broken itself an Afghan and always is that working for example where they ain’t working he was there. Well you’d detectives say here would just let them follow orders. I. Mean I have never heard a bigger bag of fake radio laughing my. I’m back here as we here don’t eat it at an actor was I don’t listen let’s allows what I can tell you are the radio interview at this point because yeah please. He gave us on and finally see at that surely got working for example what do you ain’t working he was there. Well you’d have an effective city here with just let him follow orders. Yeah. It’s true effect universe I have read you know cult like it was his name called Von Hollywood and not give us any. Oh. My feelings. Tried in these millions or would definitely like a thirsty man getting a simple water and our own polo. So did I know ironically there was no life you know just all those gold medal. Match.