Netgear releases Arlo Pro 2 security camera, now shoots in Full HD

Netgear is a name you associate with products in the home networking space, so it might not surprise you that they have a really popular security camera called the Arlo Pro. And recently, they just launched an upgrade to that device – enter the Arlo Pro 2 security camera.

The newly announced Arlo Pro 2 security camera provides some much needed upgrades to the original camera – and the highlight feature is that it now supports Full HD (1080p) video capture, where the original had just 720p capability. The new model now gives users the capability to set alert zones – this so that the camera will notify you when someone is walking on the exact zone you set, but be smart enough not to do so when it detects motion outside of it, like the street as opposed to your yard.

The Arlo Pro 2 will now work either off a wired power source or from its own battery. And for an additional USD$79.00, you can have your camera work indefinitely with an additional solar panel that charges the battery when the sun is up.

The new model will retail for USD$220, which might be a bit expensive for most people looking for a network-enabled security camera. One would hope that the features of the Arlo Pro 2 would justify the price point.

SOURCE: Netgear