New app revolutionizes home security

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In the form of an app, home security has been reinvented.

The script is being flipped. Gone are the days where wannabe criminals watch us.

We, the homeowners, are on the lookout now and fighting back, armed with technology to create the ultimate neighborhood watch.

“It is a new era in how we monitor our neighborhoods,” said Nashville homeowner Brad Smith.

Home surveillance is nothing new, but this is.

“You can view all the videos that users here in our neighborhood, in the Nations, have uploaded,” Smith explained.

Brad and his wife Jenna rely on Ring surveillance. They’ve set up Ring cameras around their home, and their friends have too. Anything funny, or out of the ordinary, on their video feed uploads to a community page for their neighbors to also view.

“And you see a list of all the activity on our street,” Smith explained to News 2.

Another feature, a camera in the doorbell captures any motion within 30 feet, and has an owner-controlled speaker. It recorded News 2’s photographer, and whenever it’s triggered, the Smiths are notified, and have a choice.

(Photo: WKRN)

“I can see someone approaching,” Smith said. “If I don’t know who they are, I can decide what actions to take from there, and obviously if they make it farther, I have captured video.”

ICU Security in Franklin has all angles covered. Owner Ryan Reid has secured homes for decades.

“The more people who have cameras, the more you’re helping to solve the problem there,” Reid said. “If you get your neighbor to do it too, you’re starting to push your problems out farther and farther away from you.”

Reid calls it proactive prevention. With all these eyes on a prospect perp they’re less inclined to commit the crime and it puts the good guys on offense.

“They’re advertising the fact that their community has security,” Reid said.

The same is happening on Nashville streets. The Smiths and their neighbors have their own arsenal.

“This can actually prevent the crime, because when I get the motion alert I can speak to them, yell at them, tell them to leave the property,” Smith said.

There’s nowhere to go, nowhere left to hide. The cameras provide a new perspective and powerful tool to fight back.

Ring video doorbells start at $179.

Membership to the Ring community website and app are free.

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