Nude Hermitage Hose Grabber Arrested: Police

HERMITAGE, TN — Metro Police arrested a 33-year-old man Friday alleging he trespassed nude into a Hermitage yard, peeping into windows and attempting to break in the home.

Kevin Montgomery, 33, is with indecent exposure, criminal trespass, and vandalism. Investigators say they were able to identify Montgomery from the homeowner’s security cameras and after a neighbor found a wallet with his social security card nearby.

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Sheila Butler said her home security system showed a naked man, now believed to be Montgomery, in her backyard for more than a half hour starting at 1:30 Thursday morning. In that time, he pleasured himself, peeped in her windows, tried opening her door and used the garden hose, for some reason.

“Had I not locked my door that night, he could have easily gotten in to me,” Butler told Fox 17. “I haven’t been able to sleep whatsoever because my bedroom window is right beside the door in which this young man was sitting at.”

Initially, the man jumped the fence wearing a polo shirt, one sock but no pants. He eventually took off the shirt and left it on the fence. Butler said she saw the shirt later Thursday, which led her to review the camera footage, according to NewsChannel 5. Butler said she typically doesn’t look at the recordings, so there’s no telling if the man has been in her yard before.

Image via Metro Nashville Police

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Originally published Sep 30, 2017.