Owasso ranked No. 1 safest city in Oklahoma in latest Safehome.org study

Owasso is continuing to be recognized as one of the safest cities in Oklahoma.

Safehome.org, a professional review site for home security systems, recently ranked Owasso as the safest city in the state – and in the top 25th percentile in the U.S. – in its 2017 Oklahoma’s Safest Cities report.

The study, which lists Oklahoma’s 25 safest cities based on a population of at least 19,000, gave Owasso a score of 88.3 for its low crime rates.

Released every November, the report considers a variety of factors in ranking these cities, the first of which is the FBI’s latest rundown of how many and what types of crimes occurred in each city over a single year.

Safehome.org’s study looks at crime trends as well, giving cities where crime is on the decline, for example, a higher Safety Score and vice-versa. It also considers the number of law enforcement officers compared to the population.

Owasso, with a population of 34,814 and a citizen-to-officer ratio of 511, came in No. 1 for its low rate of violent crimes at 36 and property crimes at 350, both with a trend of -30.1 percent.

On its Facebook page, the Owasso Police Department commented, “(We) would like to thank the residents for their continued support, which above all else is responsible for the continued low crime rates in our community and the safe environment we all enjoy.”

In addition to Safehome.org’s study, the National Council for Home Safety and Security in April named Owasso the second safest city out of 50 in the state as part of its Safest Cities in Oklahoma 2017 study.

Likewise, Roadsnacks.net in June listed Owasso as last out of 70 of the state’s most populous cities named the worst in Oklahoma, and Safewise in September named it the 10th safest city in the state, according to its 20 Safest Cities in Oklahoma 2017 report.