Police advise spring breakers to take steps to protect their home while on vacation

WOLVERINE LAKE, Mich. (WXYZ) – It’s Spring Break time and while many people are heading south to soak up the sun, police are warning them to take step to protect their homes.

They’re common sense steps, like locking your doors before you leave and not letting the mail pile up.

They also say that while you should let your neighbors know that you’re out of town, that’s information you should keep off social media until you’re back home.

Police also say, if you want to step up your home security while you’re away, you can give them a call and ask about a vacation check program.

“They’re going to have a local program where they will check your house for you,” says Wolverine Lake Police Chief John Ellsworth. “It’s a nice feeling to have when you’re on vacation not to have to worry about your home.  Let us worry about your home that what we’re here for.”