Safe & Secure Program aims to prevent theft


1,639 burglaries and 174 robberies have been reported by Lake Charles Police in the 2016 official crime report.

40-percent of crimes against property were solved in that same crime report and LCPD is trying to come up with ways to improve that by working with the community to come up with individual plans and solutions.

Security cameras are always a good idea, but they usually only help after the deed has been done.

The idea is to make your home and property less likely of a target for thieves.

That’s why a detective at LCPD came up with the idea a year ago to start the safe and secure program.

“I would say it’s probably going to take an hour or so of someone’s time to maybe prevent a burglary from happening where they could lose goods for an entire lifetime,” said Deputy Chief Mark Kraus. He says it’s simple to do.

A Property Crimes Detective or Community Policing Officer will schedule a time to come to your home and conduct a home security check to assess what needs to be done to improve security. 

“A lot of times it’s very, very simple things like lighting, shrubbery, knowing what to do when you leave the home to show that maybe you’re still there, communicating with your neighbors, joining the community watch group,” said Kraus.

They’ll check the inside and outside of your home as well as share what kind of information detectives look for when investigating a burglary or prosecuting a burglar.

You’ll get a home inventory list as well as a suspect and vehicle description form.

“We’re interested in more participation, obviously, the more participation we get from our community, the more interactive we become the more we get to learn about what their needs are,” said Kraus.

He also says this program will hopefully help in preventing burglaries, arresting more suspects, and recovering more property.

Giving homeowners some peace of mind.

You can schedule an appointment by calling 337-491-1311.

Ask to speak with Detective Kirk Farquhar. 

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