Security camera captures 'porch pirate' in Bridgeport

Security camera captures ‘porch pirate’ in BridgeportSecurity camera captures ‘porch pirate’ in Bridgeport

A woman in Bridgeport has been the victim of a so-called “porch pirate” – thieves who steal packages off unsuspecting people’s properties.

It happened Monday at her home on Arctic Street.

Stephanie Stewart says she had ordered some clothes online and was expecting the package Monday, but before she could even come outside to get it, she says a thief took off with it.

The entire incident was caught on camera by Stewart’s home security cameras.

The person can clearly be seen opening Stewart’s gate, go right up to the porch, take the package, and just walk away.

Stewart was home at the time, but she lives on the top floor.

She says she got a notification on her phone Monday at 11:06 a.m. that the package had been delivered, but when she went outside, it wasn’t there.

The time code on the video shows the thief stole the package four minutes after it arrived.

Stewart thinks someone from the neighborhood took it.

Stewart says this has happened to her once before, so she installed security cameras.