SEE IT: Police make arrests after viral video shows thief getting hurt stealing a package

Karma has come full circle for a pair of package thieves.

Police in Washington have arrested two suspects in connection to viral surveillance video showing one thief injuring her ankle while trying to run away with a stolen package, Komo News reports.

David Ababneh shared footage from his home security camera that showed a car pulling up outside of his house on Jan. 26. A women is then shown jogging up to his porch, where she grabs three packages.

During her attempt to run back to the car, the woman drops a box and when she tries to bend over to pick it up, her feet slip out from under her on the wet grass of the front lawn, leaving her with an injured ankle.

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When she can’t get up, she calls out to the driver of the car, who gets out to help her. The man, shown wearing a Russell Wilson Seahawks jersey, goes over to the woman, picks her up and carries her back to the car.

He also goes back to grab the stolen package before the two make their getaway.

Police arrested two suspects in connection to package thefts in a neighborhood in Washington.

(David Ababneh/Facebook )

Ababneh said one of the packages stolen from him was an expensive box of medicine.

“Hopefully someone can ID the scum bags,” Ababneh wrote in the post. “Gotta love Karma though, serves them right.”

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Courtney O’Keefe, a spokesperson for the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, told Komo News both suspects in the video were arrested Tuesday. It appears Ababneh wasn’t the only victim as police say two separate reports of package thefts were filed that day from the same neighborhood in Bothell, Wa.

Details about the arrest have not yet been released.

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