Southwick fire a reminder that pets can cause house fires

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – A dog caused a house fire in Southwick last weekend, and it was caught on video.

What started as food left on a stove that wasn’t on turned to flames, alarms and firefighters. In home security video, a dog can be seen jumping on the stove, followed by a crash and the clicking of a gas burner. Items on the stove caught fire.

The American Red Cross said a stovetop is one of the most common ways pets cause fires.

Southwick fire Chief Russ Anderson said this demonstrates that pets can cause fires. “You have the video prove that the dog actually got up on the stove, ate the pancakes, and hit the button accidentally and started the fire. It was rewarding in a way to see that this actually does happen”

Southwick FD reminding the importance of working alarms after dog starts fire

According to the National Fire Protection Association, pets cause nearly 1,000 home fires every year.

You can reduce the risk by never leaving them alone near candles, fires or cooking flames, and keeping young pets in crates or behind gates to keep them out of your kitchen.

Craig Sunderlind of Springfield said, “I use to let it run when I wasn’t home. but I always made sure there was a safe environment for it. There wasn’t an issue with open flames or anything the pet could possibly get into and cause an issue.”

Pet owners can prevent problems by securing the stove knobs. You can find stove knob covers at most hardware stores.