Thief caught on camera stealing package from home in Theodore


Kids aren’t the only ones with a glow in their eyes this season, thieves have that same look but they won’t be waiting until Christmas for their gifts.

A study by Ring, a home security company, found that nearly 1 in 5 homeowners in the country fell victim to package thefts last year and its happening now in the Port City. A family in West Mobile around the Jeff Hamilton and Dawes area had their decorations stolen last week. A family in Theodore was victim to this just yesterday. These were both caught on camera.

They’re called porch pirates. These are folks who boldly walk up to people’s porches and steal their belongings. In Theodore the suspect drove up to the family’s porch, quickly jumped out of his car, and took the package left at their door.

“I like to call him the Grinch that stole Christmas so,” said a woman who lives there who did not want to be identified.

Well, that Grinch was caught red-handed on the family’s surveillance system.

“At 3:54 the suspect pulled into my yard all the way to my front door and took the package. In a matter of about 10 seconds he was gone,” the woman explained,” she said.

The owner of the home didn’t want to be seen on camera but says the thief stole a fairly expensive doll she’d ordered for her daughter. She says milk and cookies are up for grabs. But Gifts? Not so much.

“My issue would be trying to get my 2-year-old the gift that I wanted to get her so bad. That was her big gift and its really upsetting that, that out of all of the things were taken,” she said.

The owner posted the video to Facebook garnering hundreds of shares. From the post, the thief was identified.

“We have had several people identify him including family members and close friends of his, so we know who it is but we’re not going to say a name right now,” she added.

She said she never thought this would ever happen to her family and now she’s taking steps to ensure this never happens to them again.

“I’ve wrote a note and put it on my front porch just asking FedEx not to leave my packages where they can be seen and I’m working on having them delivered to me at work,” she said.

Experts say everyone should have a plan for package arrival. If no one is home throughout the day, have them delivered to work or have a neighbor pick them up.

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