Victim finds $612 worth of items on debit card: Middleburg Heights police blotter

Fraud, Bagley Road: A resident reported Aug. 19 unauthorized purchases on her bank debit card made between Feb. 15-21. The 24 separate purchases in Ohio and Pennsylvania amounted to $612. She recently noticed the fraud and contacted her bank, which told her to make a police report. The victim canceled her debit card in July.

Burglary, Eaton Court: Police went to a house Aug. 26 after the owners came home and found someone entered their home. Police arrived and found the front door was forced opened, its deadbolt still in the lock position and the door frame split. The culprit searched the home’s master bathroom and bedroom. One of the homeowners said her jewelry box was missing. The home’s security company said it received no alarm notice.

Lost property, Engle Road: A Motel 6 customer said a family heirloom, a gold ring with a small round ruby, was missing Aug. 26 from his belongings.

Theft, Lucerne Drive: Someone removed the tires of a resident’s car that was parked in a carport overnight Aug. 24. The car was left resting on milk carts and had damage to its body and underside.

Drunken driving, Interstate 71: An officer saw a motorist disregard traffic cones and ran over them at 2:05 a.m. Aug. 22 after exiting the highway. The driver then made a wide left turn. The officer pulled the car over. The motorist admitted drinking a little bit, well, at least three drinks. He failed field sobriety tests and refused a breath test. He was cited with several offenses.

Lost property, Sprague Road: A former resident said he last saw his Certificate of Naturalization Feb. 28, but has not seen it since. The Department of Homeland Security told him he needed to make a police report.

Disorderly conduct, Engle Road: A highly intoxicated man caused a disturbance Aug. 20 at the Crowne Plaza bar. He also was being offensive to other customers. When police arrived, he was in a verbal argument with the bartender. The officer told him he was no longer wanted in the bar. The man walked away and tried to light a cigarette. He ignored an officer’s warning and lit it anyway. He was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. The suspect, who had a warrant with Lorain County, was uncooperative and insulted officers.

Drug possession, Engle Road: An officer discovered the owner of a car had a 12-point suspended driver’s license. He stopped the car. The man said he was unaware his license was suspended. The man said he was at Motel 6 to pick up his brother who could not drive due to his license being suspended. The officer smelled marijuana inside the car. The man said he had a bowl underneath the center console. A bowl and a pipe with marijuana were found in the car. He was also cited with having drug paraphernalia.

Disturbance, Bagley Road: A man at 7:13 p.m. Aug. 24 refused to leave Two Bucks bar. An officer drove up and found the man urinating in the parking lot. The officer asked the man why he was still on the bar’s grounds. He said he was intoxicated and had a weak bladder. The man had a felony warrant from Lorain County. He was arrested. Police took him and his bicycle to the station.

Drunken driving, Mallard Cove: A cruiser followed a speeding car that was weaving at 2:50 a.m. Aug. 21. He continued following it and finally pulled it over. The driver said she was coming from a friend’s home. The officer detected alcohol on the woman, who said she did not drink. She later said she had one beer.  She failed field sobriety tests. She originally refused to take a breath test, but did so at the station. It registered a .308. The woman was released to her parents.