Wild hogs destroying yards and gardens in California town

Nov. 14 (UPI) — A resident of a California city besieged by wild pigs captured video of a sounder of swine tearing up her family’s front yard.

The San Ramon resident, identified only as Leslie G., shared home security camera footage of the wild hogs completely destroying her front lawn and garden.

Dozens of San Ramon residents have complained in recent weeks about wild hogs damaging their homes and gardens, but Leslie and her neighbors said the recent incident was the first time the pigs have wandered so far from the mountains.

“We just figured they wouldn’t come as far as we were,” she told KRON-TV.

She said her yard was completely destroyed.

“It’s several thousand dollars worth of damage that they did, so we contacted our insurance company,” Leslie said. “And, of course, they don’t cover our land. They cover the house, but not the land, so we’re on our own to pay for it.”

She said several neighbors reported similar damage.

“Some of our neighbors were able to flip the grass and fix their lawn, but ours was done so badly that some of the holes were a foot-and-a-half-to-2-feet deep,” Leslie said.

Chris Chalmer said he attempted to repair the damage to his yard, but the pigs kept returning each night to undo his attempts.

“I think we might be fighting a losing battle, every day it’s getting worse and worse,” homeowner Cindy Smith told KABC-TV.