Zmodo Pivot Security Camera: How Does it Compare?

There was a time where people in a neighborhood would gather together during the summer and have a block party where the streets would be closed off to vehicles, tables would be set up in front of people’s homes with food and beverages, young children would be playing games safely in the street; everyone always had a wonderful time. 

Residents could leave their doors unlocked and if someone needed something from a house, the owner would gladly let the person go in without supervision; no one worried that someone would attempt to steal anything from within.  Sadly, those days seem few to none as everybody seems fixated on security and the best ways to make their home safe from anyone trying to break in. 

People would spend lots of money on security systems from security companies that didn’t stop someone from getting inside and while alarms or lights would sound off, by the time police arrived the individual(s) would be gone with little or no evidence left behind.  Finally, advancements in technology gave homeowners affordable options on how to protect their homes and provide a way to make sure any would-be thieves could eventually be arrested.


When techies talk about living in a smart home, what they usually mean is having devices that can be controlled through an app or a central hub.  My room contains a smart plug as anything that anything that is plugged into it, like a lamp, can be turned on or off using an app provided by the company or a voice assistant such as Alexa. 

So, I can shut off my lamp either using the app on my iPhone 7 plus or through Alexa that is on my Amazon Tap.  Regarding how this applies to a home, security cameras are currently being used my home owners either outside, inside or both.  While these devices may not stop an intruder from getting inside, it can provide the police with photographic evidence that should with law enforcement in making an arrest and hopefully being able to return any stolen property. 

Since video cameras have unique features and range in price, we are going to look at what I believe to be an affordable and effective camera that does a lot for a low price.  Let us begin our conversation about Zmodo’s Pivot security camera and why I feel this is a product you should consider purchasing.

Splendid Video

There are so many features to this security camera that when I tell you what the price is, you will be in disbelief!  Anyway, let me break down the features so that you can see what this product can offer.  Since the purpose of the product is to capture the image of an intruder, the quality needs to be great or the product is not worth having. 

Well, I have personally tried out what this unit should offer and it is easy to tell that video is shot in High Definition 1080p; this is the best HD offers.  Also, you can take pictures that the quality is simply amazing!  Plus, it has a microphone built in so that two-way talk is available; I sampled it while I was out on my mother and I am fortunate that I didn’t give her a heart attack or get my butt kicked in by her!  Nevertheless, these features alone make the product by Zmodo security camera worth purchasing but there is still more to go through.

The Pivot Displays Temperature and Humidity

Depending on what a person needs are, anything that performs more than the basic of recording video can be considered a perk the next two features can be considered perks if you’re not a techie or into having a smart home that is filled with home automation. 

Regardless, the Pivot has sensors on it that can tell what the temperature and humidity is in the room the device is set up in.  While many would not pay extra for these features, the Pivot does not cost hundreds of dollars, so these are nice features to have especially if you’re looking for ways to cut energy costs. 

Also, for those who do not respond well to high humidity, the unit helps to explain why you may be experiencing extra discomfort even though the humidity reading outside is 15 percent but inside is closer to 45 percent.  Although it may seem like the right time to state what this product costs, there are more features still to come.

Motion Sensor Detection with 350 Degree Rotation

Understand that most security cameras have a fixed view of what can be seen.  This records in HD video with a field of view of 120 degrees, which many security cameras can do.  However, the device has motion sensors that will immediately record video when it senses movement in the area.  What stands out is if motion is detected behind it, the camera will turn around up to 350 degrees and record where the motion was! 

I have manually tested with the Zmodo app that I downloaded (can be iOS or Android) to move the camera completely around and when the app notified me that motion was detected, I accessed the clip and saw the camera’s point of view swing around behind it to see my mother enter the house from behind and swing forward to see her walking into the living rom. 

The clip lasted roughly thirty seconds, it had the correct date and time stamp on the clip and on the notification message I quickly received more than twenty miles away.  Well, I am almost finished talking about the features before the reveal of what the Zmodo Pivot camera is priced at.

Smart Hub, Night Vision, Encryption, Storage and Door/Window Sensors

We have discussed the many features the Pivot offers but need to point out a few more details before the price reveal.  I tested the night vision capabilities of recording video and taking pictures which the quality is extremely good; I enclosed pictures taken with night vision on and with it off for you to judge the quality.  Zmodo offers other smart accessories which can be linked up to the Pivot so that controlling all Zmodo products will be easier to maintain. The device has 16 GB storage of all video and pictures which can also be saved on your smart phone or tablet; sadly, no cloud storage is offered right now but Zmodo is currently working out the details.  The product came with door and window sensors if you wish to secure your home even more.  Finally, the video, pictures and connection is password encrypted so everything about the camera and devices connected to it are secured.

What Does the Zmodo Pivot Camera Cost & is it Worth the Price

The Zmodo Pivot security camera is loaded with many features.  Motion sensors that trigger recording in 1080p HD video, taking excellent quality pictures and exceptional quality night vision are the key features a security camera should have. 

The device also contains a lot of perks, such as two-way talking, knowing the temperature and humidity, being able to rotate to 350 degrees and more are things that buyers would expect on a product that costs hundreds of dollars; so, the extra features are important and nice to have.  One surprise I almost forgot to mention is that being Bluetooth enabled, it makes to be an awesome speaker! 

Now I have seen this product priced at under $150; however, HSN is currently selling it for $99.95, they give you two door/window sensors and can make three monthly payments of $33.32!  I strongly recommend going to their website and look at the video demo they present if you still have doubts about what this extremely affordable security camera can do.  So, the only question that needs to be answered is what do you think?